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Backrack, Safety Rack & Siderails

Mill Supply proudly carries Backrack products for pickup trucks. Their Backrack, Safety Rack, and Siderail product lines are proven to be tough, durable and protective. Their products offer various levels of cab protection and cargo control options. The Back Rack provides normal protection for your pickups cab while having lots of tie down options. Safety Racks offer maximum protection for your truck with less cargo control options. Side Rails are mounted along the top of your truck bed and provide excellent tie down options.


A Backrack can add function and style to your pickup truck. It provides cab protection so you don't have to worry about busting your back window. It's bars also provide lots of opportunities for tie downs. Strapping a bungee cord to a Backrack is simple. Also you can use your Backrack for mounting lights. We offer all the light brackets so you can put whatever light you want onto your Backrack and you don't have to modify your truck. Also available are Backracks that are compatible with toolboxes. Call us at 800-888-5072 for more details.

Safety Rack

Safety Racks are designed to totally protect your truck's cab. Maybe you own a business where multiple employees drive your truck and you want your truck protected from accidents. A Safety Rack is perfect due to its welded steel mesh. Nothing is going to get through there to harm your truck. You can also mount lights to the Safety Rack so other people know you're there. Why mount your strobe light to your truck when you can mount it to your Safety Rack and avoid modifying your vehicle.

Side Rails

Side Rails for pickup trucks are the ultimate solution to cargo control. These rails attach to the top of your bed and bolt on with no drilling required. Side Rails provide strapping surfaces along the entire length of your bed with multiple vertical posts as well. Side Rails can also be used with Backracks, Safety Racks, and tool boxes. Siderails come in applications for Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Dodge trucks.

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